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I've started to organize and familiarize myself with circles and I've found that posts I originally shared with "everyone in my circles" is stuff I only wish to share with certain circles. Is this something I can change in already existing posts?

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Hi Mikaela,

As far as I understand it, if you've already published your post, it's already shown up in the streams of the circles you've chosen to post them to. Once it's published, you cannot edit out the circles it's been published to.

You can remove individuals from specific circles but that will not change whether they've seen your post already. They most likely have, if you shared with "Everyone in my circles".

If I were you, I'd make a couple of circles and maybe change the names to something like "Close Friends/Really Private", so you'll remember the next time you share information with them.

Google+ remembers the last circles you posted to, so if you have circles like, "Family, In-laws, Close Friends", you can post directly to those circles. 

Hope that helped!

Thanks for your reply.

I've specified share settings better for my new posts as you described so that's cool. Was just wondering if there were any hope for the stuff I already posted. It's not much anyway, so it's perfectly cool that I can't do anything about it, was mostly asking out of curiosity :)

I have a related question...
Rather than removing shares, is it possible to add to shares for an additional post?
I would like to share with no one so i can see how something looks in the stream, then open it out to selected circles when I am happy - this is a workflow I find comfortable with as a dyslexic.
Cheers Nick

Hey Nick, 

That's actually a fairly common usage of circles. But for some reason I can't replicate it the way I assume you're talking about, which is: share to no one, then edit to share to more circles. Right now you'll get a pop-up reminding you that the post is limited, and to be careful about sharing, but you can override that to share with more people.

It'll look like this though:

And it looks like you can't share to Public once you've shared to a limited circle, whether it's just you or a circle full of people. 

What Google+ really needs is to provide a "Save As" function. 

Thanks toastykitten - yes that is what I see, so I get the functionality I want, but it looks a little awkward. Clearly I can write off-line and post, but it would be nice to be able to edit a share exactly as you describe.

     "share to no one, then edit to share to more circles."

Is there a feature request list for Google+ where I / we could add and vote for a "Save As" function?

thanks again toastyKitten. my lunch beak needs to get longer...

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