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Many of you may have already attempted this, and some of you may have found success. I tried to export my friends list and friends' information using this website, - -

but as you can tell from the comments, or if you've tried it yourself, it either works, doesn't work, or works partially. For me, it didn't work, which basically tells me that Big Brother Facebook is catching on and stepping in. 

Anyone know of a better way to Facebook Friends Lists?

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Hi Fletcher,

Facebook blocked that extension over the holiday weekend. The only way to do it now is to export your friends into a new Yahoo! or Hotmail account, and then use the Google+ importer to bring them in.


Strangely I reinstalled the exporter one more time and simply left it for an hour or so, and the Export Friends link appeared in my facebook. I'm in the process of exporting now. I'm no expert, so I have no clue what made it work, but it did. I'll check back when it's finished processing to make certain that everything worked well.

Thanks for your speedy reply,


Wow, well. I was so close to finishing and then a coworker Xed out of Chrome. GRRRR.

I restarted the process after having deleted all the cache, and it doesn't appear to be working like it was before. Frustration City: population ME.

I feel your frustration. I think Facebook is blocking all or most attempts to transfer data from Facebook to Google+, so just be careful about the extensions and stuff you're trying out.

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