Forum Thread: How many G+ Circles do you have?

I'm wondering how many G+ Circles people are managing.

I have 17 but I actually post mostly to about 5. I use some circles to categorize people to help me remember why I added them or the type of business they are in.

What about everyone else here? How may circles do you currently have? Do you post to them all?

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Let's see...I have 13, but for right now I mainly post two types of posts: public, and stuff to my daughter's circle. (I don't add anyone I don't know in real life to this one.) 

I do have people organized in circles, mostly to differentiate in these ways:

  1. Are they friends/family?
  2. Are they WHT community members?
  3. Are they people I find interesting enough to follow?
  4. Are they Googlers? This one just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 
  5. Are they tech industry people? For example the Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki people. I find this circle simultaneously useful and irritating at the same time, but your mileage may vary.

I have 18. I organize primarily based on what type of content the person shares. I find that because the majority of my close friends & family are slow to move from facebook, almost all my posts end up public. Anything I want to share privately with friends & family I still post to Facebook. If anything Google+ is stealing my time away from Twitter, not Facebook.

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