Forum Thread: Mumbai Boy Gets Rs 1.25-Crore Job Offer from Google

Vedant Solanki, a Final Year Student of Mumbai Has Bagged a Package of $1,90,000 (Rs 1.25 Crore Approximately) Per Annum from Google, Reports Said.

A final year student of Mumbai has bagged a package of $1,90,000 (Rs 1.25 crore approximately) per annum from Google, reports said.

Vedant Solanki, who is an student of final year has reportedly been offered the highest package in the history of the university. The highest offer made so far in Mumbai was Rs 93 lakh.

"This was what I had been striving so far and I am excited to join Google," Vedant told Times of India.
He will join the California office of the search engine giant after completing his course in 2016.

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