Forum Thread: Need a Google+ invite?

We'll be sending 10 invitations a week. To get yours, tell us why you should be invited: if you're an active member on WonderHowTo, we're more inclined to invite you first. 

EDIT: INVITES ARE NOW CLOSED. Please check back!

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Although I am currently not an active member on WonderHowTo, I still feel I deserve an invite.

I have a facebook account, but I don't like using it.  In fact, it is mainly there to post my e-mail address and phone number in case anyone would like to contact me.  I really don't like the interface of the website and I'm annoyed with the way facebook has been progressing.  

I'm dying to get into social media somehow.  Twitter just isn't for me, sometimes I get curious and ask my girlfriend what's going on in the twitter world, but I'm not a huge fan.

However after checking out some videos of Google+, I've been craving for an invite!  The whole interface of circles and privacy really appeals to me.  I'm a google fanatic, using Gmal, Google Reader for my news, and of course Google Chrome.  I'd become immediately involved if I received an invite.  Please!?

Thanks for your consideration!


I am very excited about google+ and the features I have read about. I would love an opportunity to try out this service. I am a active facebook user. I do have a twitter account but really just enjoy reading everyone elses tweets. 

As far as facebook I use it a lot to reach out to friends and family. I live far away from everyone thats important to me so it really helps a lot. I think from what I have read about google+ that it will make my life even easier to stay connected to everyone important to me. I would love the opportunity to try this service out.

As far as your website I have never been here before but it is bookmarked now and I will be stopping by on a daily basis ;)

I'm hoping for an invitation as soon as possible.  I'm a High School teacher on Summer Break and I see Google Plus as having features that will make it a real winner in the H.S. learning environment.  Unfortunately with each passing day I have less and less of a chance of working with it and looking for ways to fit it in to my curriculum in a meaningful way.  If I got an invitation this week I could really start to understand it and find ways to to have it positively impact my students right from the start of the school year (Starts 15 August for us.)

Thanks for the consideration!

Hey, @Randy. I'm a tech journalist, with a few invites kicking around...I also happens to be in a good mood today. Flick me a tweet, over on @findingnewo and I'll see what I can do for you.

Edit: or DM me here.

My mom always said it was rude to invite yourself, but I was born with a curious nature, and I am a very social person ( I actually like Facebook ). Well hey, it is a great way to stay in touch when nobody has time for phone calls anymore. I installed Google Chrome and I really like it,so let's go for Google+ !! Twitter isn't for me, let's Google! 

From the first JibJab video, I knew YouTube was a great place to hang out. I was one of the first 1,000 members on LinkedIn, and the first in my over-40 crowd to get addicted to Facebook. I understood from the start that Twitter wasn't about what my friends had for breakfast (that's what FB has become).

I'm fascinated by social networking and would love to explore Google Plus. Plus, I'm the head of marketing for a professional services firm and a former reporter, so whether I like it or not, I'm bound to share my opinions with influencers and other early adopters.

And I'm really really curious to see it now...

Hey Guys,

i came across this article/website while searching for any and all google+ news i could find and thank the stars i did. I would LOVE an invite for a couple reasons.

ONE, my bday is tomorrow, not kidding it really is, and an invite would be AWESOME, i love google, all i use is Chrome and i currently own a Motorola Droid with plans to upgrade to the yet-to-be-announced Droid 3. My whole life is connected to google so this would be the icing on the already very delicious google cake that i am currently preparing. Thank you for your consideration and i love you


1-  I believe in all things Google and use a variety of their services daily

2-  I believe there is finally a better alternative to facebook, i dream of the day i delete my facebook! 

3- Tomorrow is my bday and i can think of nothing i want more, except some invitations of my own to hand out

i am looking for really good social networking site though i am suing both orkut and facebook. But Google+ is really better combination of both worlds and much more. I really excited about it and eagerly waiting for its launch.

I have over 10 million followers on twitter

I double dog DARE you to send me an invite!  

I seriously and desperately  would like an invitation. For some reason, I can only think of quotes from Anchorman to plead my case  Here it goes:

"I don't know how to put this, but  I'm kind of a big deal."

"I have many leatherbound books."

"My apartment smells of rich magony."

Hmm ... "I love lamp."

"60% of the time, it works every time."

Well, maybe at least you will get a chuckle out of this.  Really would love an invite.  Thank you!

Having a Google+ invite would be great!

But since I am the kind of person who doesn't really care about social sites, it might be better to give the invite to someone else. Then again, I am the kind of person that loves to debate on certain topics and usually creates havoc when threading on news articles which really keeps everyone active in the thread.

I am the kind of person that if you say that "the glass is half full", I will argue that it is half empty; and vice-versa. Some call me a trouble maker; a trouble maker indeed, but also a logical thinker.

So what does this have to do with a Google+ invite? Not a damn thing!

Just looking for an invite and would greatly appreciate it.


I would really like an invite for many reasons, first and foremost I love Google . Second I am not a computer geek, so it stands that if I can use Google+ anyone can use it. Third, did I mention I love Google? When co-workers try to use Bing, I point out how Google is better and will provide a faster search. So please consider my request, please!

I already use Google Sites, Docs and Groups to organize our Neighborhood Network.  The function of the network is to communicate and prepare for natural disasters (we have a lot of them here!) as well as a mechanism to help us all get to know each other better.  I'm really curious to see if Google+ will add a new and useful dimension to our communications.  I can not abide Facebook and finally see there may be a form of social networking that suits introverts like me!  

I need to be invited so bad.  I had a dream last night that you sent me an invite.  Thought it was real.  I love Google.

Because I forked over $300 for GoogleTV and they owe me.

We'll keep it SHORT, MATEYS!

Because no one else would take 30 minutes to create an avatar specifically for your forum :-)


I am a Google fanatic!  For every opposing OS I can reference a counter to using an Android based phone.  I am sooooo excited about the opportunity to use Google+, I will share my experience via blog after I have had the chance to use Google+.

Okay so I'll be honest I totally didn't know about WonderHowTo until like five minutes ago... needless to say I WonderHow I friggin missed you guys! 

Anyways as a college instructor my student always ask if I have an FB account and I tell them "yes, but you can't search me". To be able to put students in a their own circle so we can "keep up" would be awesome besides I'm sure I can make more then one Google+ convert!


Ever since I heard that Google was going to give us an alternative to the privacy-rights-be-damned world of Facebook, I was hooked!

I'm tired of the dishonest way Facebook spreads info around, giving us "options" that really only offer false security.  And when we voice our complaints, like why they took away control of the News Feed, they just say "tough! don't use it if you don't like it."

The other reason I want to start using Google+ is because I love exploring different technologies that allow social networking to evolve and grow.  I believe in the power of the internet to create global community, which might just be the answer to all our problems.  Conscious evolution through technology!

Please add me on Google+.  Thank you.

Invite me! I've been waiting for a way to escape the evil clutches of facebook for years! I'm a loyal google fan, and promise to pester everyone I know to switch as soon as google+ is open to the masses.

I use social networking tools to share information and opinions about tools and processes in my industry, "software testing".  I also enjoy testing software, and often enter defect reports directly with vendors.

I'm a google lover, so I want to try this new application!! It'll be an excelent birthday present for me!!

I'm interested in getting an invite since I work in healthcare and I'd like to see how Google+ can enhance patient-physician and patient-patient relationships. Today, there are too many resources available online both for clinicians and patiens; having a way to organize and share them would be great,

Hey! I am so excited about Google+. The Circle is a brilliant idea and i love it. Google+ has given great control to us over our privacy, and i want to use it as soon as possible. Please inviteeeeee me. 


I'm not an active member just because I just discover your site. so give me an opportunity to became one.



This completes my Google circle!!!! Please invite me!!!!! Now I will never need to use anything else! I am 100% Google.

Thank you very much!



Why u should invite me?

Well, we're talking about Google+, so ... be social!: invite me and let's get to know each other :p

After all, I made the 1st move, is it not a decent reason? :)

See you!

Ps: I'm also an early adopter who likes to share knowledge about new stuff.

Its a circle of life and I Google+ hits the nail on the head with the concept of circle hence sign me up

Well i been visiting the site since

Hawaiian Surfer Dudes Make Their Own DIY Waves

I never actually register until today, but if you must know the reason for me wanting an invite? Well I cant stand Facebook and i want a way out  and Google plus seems to be my ticket out. 

P.s: Love this site, very interesting articles and Howto's, keep up the good work.

I'm a cartoonist and super cool plus i love me some social media. AND ITS GOOGLE which is like the lord of the interwebs.

and i'll draw a strip thanking for the invite... must have invite.


i think google could end up not benefiting from resticting the invitations just like what happend to wave,even though i was invited early to wave .no one else was and i found myself alone and found it to be useless.

invite me and ill name one of my children mr wonderhow

Because I would love nothing more than to replace Facebook. I'm a Google fanatic! Gmail, Google Voice, Chrome, Android, Docs, Picasa, etc. Google Plus would complete the circle (pun intended).

The weakest part of facebook is the friends management aspect - the circle idea in Google+ sounds like it might be the solution. This alone makes it a killer idea.

And hopefully better games.....



Hello everyone,

I am also looking for an invite if someone has another one.

I would be very grateful, I am starting my masters in Psychology and would like to have a G+ account setup and going before classes start in a few weeks.

Anything someone could do would be great.

Thank you  

If anyone wants an invite, I have an unlimited amount available (as far as I can see). Tweet @findingnewo if you want one. 

I want one but I don't tweet. A fiend of mine keeps sending me Google Plus messages and I can't do anything with them until I can log in myself. Get me signed up, please? Thank you.

While I use google tools for organizing almost every aspect of my often chaotic ADHD life, a google+ invite for me seems pointless until my social network is also able to join.

In the meantime though, my vote would be for including teachers like Randy Lewis above. Getting high school teachers involved is a phenomenal idea to make google+ an effective working tool (rather than just a social look-at-me machine) and a truly viable replacement for facebook. High school kids are always the fastest early adopters, and once their parents see how useful and wonderul google+ can be, they'll have to switch too!

BTW, Please PLEASE keep working until google+ kills facebook. I haven't been able to use it as a fun social outlet since everyone I ever went to kindergarten with or lived next door to joined my network. I prefer not only not to update them all on the goings on of my life but to not hear about their daily lives either. Anyway, I'll do my part by whining to everyone in my network until they switch to google+ when the time comes.

the Philippines has been very active in the social networking world. lately we have been tagged as the next social networking capital of the world with the higher and higher percentage of users every minute. maybe, just maybe, if i can get a google+ invite, i can start this new "plus" thing from my side of the world! can i?

I would love an invite.  Been using all of Google's products since they pretty much first went Beta.  I have email in my Gmail dating back to the beginning of 2005 when you had to get an invite to use it just like Google+.  Been using Facebook since back when only certain colleges were able to use it, early 2006.  Just itching to try out a new competitor to Facebook.

I need this like Captain needs Tennille.  

Google is where it is.  Whenever I can integrate another Google service into my life I take hold of it and ride it for all it's worth.  I got a Google Voice account ahead of the crowd as a service member and have made the most of it especially since my wife and I got our Android phones; free text messaging is the way to go.  

As a new student at the University of Illinois this fall I need to be on top of my game with Google+ so I can impress my peers and profs alike.  Also, none of my Facebook friends have said a thing about Google+ so I definitely need to be a part of that community to spread it to this uninformed crowd.  

This may not entitle me to an invitation but I assure you that you wouldn't regret it if you sent one my way.  Thank you for your consideration.

I'm an educator  and graduate student relocating to a new school and grade this year.  I need "circles" to help organize my online relationships with student's parents, co-workers, colleagues, professional contacts made and friends.  Facebook doesn't do what I need done as effectively as I need to do it.

I've also joined the "android family" leaving my webOS powered pre for the Nexus S/4G. 

I would love an invite. I am curious to see  how this all works and I love the fact that groups can be sorted into "circles". I think this will keep things a lot easier when wanting to talk or communicate with just certain individuals. 

I am creating social games that inspire positive social action. Check out GiG on FB and then pass along the invite so that I can consider how we might do better on Google+.

I'd like a Google+ invite because Google+ is a social tool, and the only way for it to be the best social tool is for it to be made available to all. I am a huge supporter of most things Google. Like most people I've had a Google account since Gmail first opened its doors to us. I'm also a proud owner of an HTC Android device and I'm super eager to test out the new Huddle portion of Google+ on my device. Of course what I'm most excited about seeing is Circles. If what everyone says is true, this could be the single most important aspect of Google+ in the battle of the bigs - Facebook/Twitter/Google+. 

So let me at it!


Because no one else would take the time to create a custom avatar just for a G+ invite! 

Humans, innately social creatures, continue on their quest to find the best way to communicate their ideas in order to build upon them to greater and greater ends.  It is this social evolution that has before and has the potential once more, to break the mold of what is possible today by advancing the concepts of that which will bring the innovation of tomorrow. 

Circles in Google+ allows one the ability to direct human thought in a targeted and efficient manner that will remove the clutter that has become part of the social network experience.  Circles mimics on the web something humans already do in other aspects of their lives.  We are different things to different people.  While at first glance this may sound horrible, in fact it isn't.  It allows us to uniquely connect with others in areas of mutual interest where otherwise a relationship would not be useful or even pleasant.  In the social network of today it was prohibitively difficult to share just the right part of your thoughts and passions with others and instead you had to share with everyone everything just so they could get the few pieces of information they found important or interesting.  In a world of Circles the possibilities to direct the future of thought, from trivial to exceptionally important, to exactly the right people will not be just a hope and afterthought but a calculated and certain move.  

As an individual I have much to share and still more to learn but there is no doubt that Google+ is where it must be done.  

"Cause i hate Facebook" and since i'll probably be banned from Facebook for posting that comment i'll need another social website to turn to "Can you say Google+" or shall i say can i get an invite please.

Hi everyone,

I am currently living in China which as some of you may know has blocked facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. This has really hurt my ability to stay in touch with family and friends from around the world. Some google products are banned here as well but I dont think this one will be. I have been a very loyal google user or years now. My birthday passed about a month and a half ago and I could not even log on to facebook to thank everyone for birthday wishes. If I get an invite I will do my part in making sure Google plus has a real chance against facebook as every one of my friends in China and some in the states would love to join. I saw some said to contact twitter and again I am not able to do that. Please help

I'm ready to stop using myspace if i could get an invite.

I would be especially grateful if you would send me an invitation to this product.  I am an avid Google fan(boy) -- I only use Droid smart-phones and Google applications -- and I try to get involved, as much as possible, in all of the Google product testing.  Google Plus, however, is a tough club to get into -- the Studio 54 of social networks.

But to answer your question about why I really want an invite...  I hope Google's corporate vision of putting users and customers first becomes foundational to the emerging technology market.  It's very easy to find examples of software companies that base their products on Google's ad-revenue model, but surreptitiously dilute Google's pure customer-centric system.  And I'm not just talking about the obvious companies either!  The market is becoming flush with mediocre Google clones, and users need to demand nothing but the highest level of integrity from these developers.  How?  Well, simply put, by supporting Google, whose end-user centricity is plainly manifest in all of their products.  One need only compare Gmail to other flash-ad-saturated email services.  Google just gets it: level the marketing playing field, force advertisers to rely on relevant product information and details, not inane gimmicks.  If we all support Google for the right reasons, other companies will have no choice but to follow.

You will give me the invitation.
You will give me the invitation.

Move along, move along.

I want to try it.

Surely i don't get My contacts there, but i can know it meanwhile.

Thanks anyway

For years Facebook has been led by a young, coding genius who has exerted authoritarian control (stifled innovation?) while watching his personal wealth grow astronomically -- despite the occasional lawsuit.  Good for them...for even surviving.

Google (Mr Page) has finally put its significant resources to work analyzing and improving upon the social networking experience.  Need evidence?  Who is the guy with the most Google+ followers?  None other than the Facebook CEO.  Why?  Because he probably spends most of his time these days using all of the super-cool Google features that he was unable to build into Facedbook (misspelling intentional) because he was too preoccupied with...I don't know, learning how to kill his own dinner properly?

Come on.  Anyone who seriously thought / thinks that Facebook could / would hold onto their "98% monopoly" over social networking once Google put a small % of their annual revenues towards seriously competing with a very poor analyst.

Money talks.  Soon FB shares are going to experience something new: decline.

google for the win... i managed to weasel my way into the music beta (which is pretty dope, albeit a little slow at first)

buzz was a flop... it looks like this has a chance, though.

oh, and i'm one of the few in here that didn't join WHT in july ;-)

At this time I use Facebook almost exclusively to communicate not only with friends and family, but as a tool to communicate with my various employees around the country numbering in the thousands.  The majority of my employees are between the ages of 18-30 and I've noticed that social media is the number one way to communicate our ideas and thoughts.  We actually required them sign up for an account. 

I'm excited to see that Google has put together a well-rounded social media platform and I'm thrilled at the opportunity to be able to have new and better way to work with my staff.

I hope to have a chance to work with Google+ and see all that it has to offer!

why me..... well, because I'm starting to freakin' hate facebook!! I've had run-ins with them over the years over such stupid inconsequential matters and had my account disabled a few times.... a lot to do with this is because I'm an admin of a mac group with 50k members and all it takes is a troll to make a complaint and pffft fb disable you, no questions asked!  If you'd ever need someone who's going to champion G+ whilst trashing down facebook and who ALSO is an admin with  50,000 members, well - I'm your guy!!

Hi guys,

Invitation requests are now closed. Please check your WonderHowTo mailbox for a message from me. I'm going to need your Gmail account address (Google+ does not work with Google Apps) in order to send an invite. Please do NOT post your email address on here - I don't want you to get hit with tons of spam. 

Also, invitations are currently being throttled, so once I've sent out the invite, I'll notify you again just to let you know I've sent it. It may take a day or two for the invite to show up, so please be patient!

I already have some ideas for suggestions on how to improve Google+ percolating in my brain, so it would be nice to be on there making note of them for the Google-heads to hear about!

Hey Everyone,

For a limited time, Google has re-opened the Google+ Invites System!

If you go to my profile and send me a private message with the email address you used to set up your google profile, I'll send out as many invites as I can until they take it away again.

See you all on the inside!

EDIT: Well that was quick. The open invites have closed. We'll have more to give out next week.

Hi invite me coz i am a tech reviewer and need to review that site please :)

because being social is the fabric of life. no man is an island and, well, i would prefer to be part of the google plus archipelago rather than a deserted island. and, speaking of desert islands, being part of google plus will allow me to argue with friends and others alike about what constitutes an appropriate desert island disc.

all joking aside, being able to participate in google plus would simply be fun.  

First I would like to say hello to everyone for what I'm about to say is not really why I should deserve this google+ invite but me ranting about Facebook and the world; hopefully this post will deter you fellow trollers from FaceF*#@.

But here it goes ^_^

1) Apple (my other mortal) will be dropping their iPhone 5 to compete with Droid sometime in September. With the Droid capability to shoot and post to your Google+ specific album thingy, then it would be able to rape the shit out of the iPhone. So, if you do happen to be shopping for phones in the next couple of months then just hold out and see what Samsung and the other companies that are running Droids on their flagship phones vs the Apple iPhone 5. 

[Woops getting kinda wordy but its ok I won't be disturbed at 4AM pacific time.]

2) Facebook is evil. I hate Facebook so much now that the only way for me to say it is "I absolutely hate it with a passion."  They are the worst thing ever. Do you know that they have the right to store all the shit that you kept on your Facefuck shit? Its ridiculous because we have no other option, besides Myspace... which has been passed around like a total dirty rag and sold to so many people that the whole reason they were created was lost.... 

But anyways back to the evil entity. Facebook used to be an underground social network kinda thing. You know, it's an us vs them other people in the world of fake  bastards like Facefuck who, in my opinion, stole everything from Myspace and added; pokes, Network (remember? Those of you who actually used Facebook before it turned into Facefuck. Where when you registered with your .edu or whatever you are in the network of the school you're attending? It used to be a network where you can reach out to your fellow cohorts) and the status thingy. 

Back to the bullshit about Myspace. It sickens me every time I see that damn Social Network movie trailer. Some bullshit about some jackass (that means you asshole who owns Facefuck) who went to Harvard and created Facebook. I like how it is gruesomely similar to Myspace in the beginning. You changed some stuff around and copy some stuff from Myspace. And now you're their claiming that you've created some crap that's gonna be huge? I know its a movie but God its just so sickening to me to watch someone's brain child get stolen away by them and ate them alive.  

3) Goldman Sach invested into Facefuck. They put in 400 something million into that shit. Then have their friends invest in another one point billion something into that shit too. And at the end Facefuck was valued at 50 billion. WTF is that shit. How can a company with so much useless shit get so much money? It's absolutely insane. Oh yeah they are expected to be valued at 100billion next year. (Unless g+ got something to do with it)  But back to Goldman Sach. Watch Inside Job. That will explain why I hate them. 

Well anyways this is why google+ should succeed and Facefuck should faild. I think I went on a tangent and started ranting but you guy should google some of the things I said... it posses very interesting knowledge.

Hey guys,

I have plenty of invites (as far as I can tell).  Send me a personal message here with your e-mail address and I will send you an invite ASAP!

Have a nice Day;)

If anyone still needs a Google+ Invite, this link will let in the 1st 100 or so of you that click it: Google+ Invitation

Thank you Bryan, I get it at least... Thank you for sharing

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