How To: Use Google+ Events

Use Google+ Events

Since its inception, Google+ fans have been clamoring for Google Calendar integration. Today, Google+ has launched something better: Google+ Events.

In Google+ Events, you can create both on and off-line events. You can do a basic invitation, choose whether guests can invite other people or not, or whether they can add photos to the event. You can include a YouTube URL, links to the necessary ticket seller, add names, circles, or emails.

You can also change the theme banner, choosing from Google's selection, or adding your own photos.

With the advanced options, you can make your event a Google+ Hangout, and make the event available for public viewing.

Once you've created your event, you can manage the guest list yourself, invite guests to add their own pictures to the event's album, and everyone can comment on the event.

You can find all your Events on one page.

Want to find public events? That's easy enough. Just click on the Find more events link.

And to make things really festive, you can use Party Mode and have your guests share videos and pictures taken during the event. (Note: this seems to be a separate Android app that is not yet available.)

As with every new major addition, make sure to check your Google+ settings and check or uncheck all the notifications you want to receive for your events.

Have you tried out Google+ Events yet? What do you think of it?

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