News: 10 Chrome Extensions to Jumpstart Your Google+ Wishlist

10 Chrome Extensions to Jumpstart Your Google+ Wishlist

Are you finding that the Google+ features you've been waiting for are still not rolling out quickly enough for you? Although we've provided many solutions to Google+ issues with different Chrome extensions, it still seems like it's not enough. Now that we've been using Google+ for almost two months, our priorities have changed, and we're finding that we want and need different extensions to make Google+ work better. From filtering to circles, these Google+ Chrome extensions will solve many of the items on our Google+ wishlist. 

  • Stream Filter BETA for Google+ was created by Chrome extension machine +Mohamed Mansour. After experiencing frustrations that his stream was being crowded with pictures of cats and boobs (see "booberday"), he decided to create the extension so that he wouldn't have to start blocking or ignoring his circles. This extension allows you to both filter out and filter in specified terms. So you could block "caturday" from your stream, but also make your stream show only "photography" posts. This extension is also open source and you can find the code available on github.
  • Circle+ might actually complicate your Google+ experience, but in a good way. Created by +Daniel Treadwell, founder of group/as, the extension allows you to easily add Google+ profiles on any webpage to your Google+ circles. Note: There's evidence Google+ does limit the number of circle added within a given timeframe, so you may want to be careful and try not to add, say, 500 people at once to your circles. 
  • RSS Share for Google+ and Google Reader solves one of my biggest annoyances with Google+: the lack of Google Reader integration. This extension does two things: it adds a Google Reader box to your main Google+ page, and it adds a Google+ Share box to your Google Reader page. Thus, you can now share links directly from Google Reader whenever you come across something interesting that you want to share with your Google+ followers. This extension was created by computer science student +Sebastián Ventura. As with the above extension, the source code is available on github.
  • Layouts for Google+ allows you to customize the plain white background of Google+ to something more visually appealing. You can download images from Google Plus Themes, which range from cartoons to stunning photographs, or upload your own picture. You can report any issues or bugs you've encountered on the project page
  • PinIt lets you "pin" your favorite posts to the Google+ sidebar, so that you can return to it later. This is useful if you want to bookmark a particular post, thread or image, and want to come back to it later. This very useful Chrome extension was created by +Garth Humphreys, and you can follow up with him with bug reports and questions on this Google+ thread. (Better yet, pin it!)
  • Share Widget for Google+ adds a button so that you can share a Google+ post from anywhere. If you're on a music site like Pandora, Google Music or Grooveshark, you can allow the widget to include the current song playing. This extension was created by +Rudy Reeves, and he's looking for more cool ideas to improve this extension.
  • DownloadSupport for Google+ is a very useful Chrome extension that lets you download multiple pictures and videos from your Google+ stream. This extension is perfect if you are a fan of memes, photography, and YouTube videos. It displays a button for each post, so that you can decide whether to download the media or not. You can even download and open multiple raw images (although note: copyright laws still apply, so be careful). 
  • AutoSave for Google+ allows you to save any posts you're making on Google+. This extension is great since there's currently no ability to save drafts on Google+. (You could publish your post to a Google+ circle that's only visible to you, but it'll show up in your stream.) 
  • Goodbye for G+ Games is a very simple extension from +Huy Zing that removes the Google+ Games button so you don't have to see it, ever.
  • G+? Why Not A+? wins the Internet for best Chrome extension name ever. (See High Expectations Asian Father.) Created by andryou, it combines the best features of various Google+ Chrome extensions to make one awesome one. Features include photo zoom, quick mute, hangout auto-retry, and quick hangout.

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wow. you keep outdoing yourself! I can't be online as much as I would like (bad eyes...) and I missed seeing / hearing about a LOT of these extensions! TY as always, +Kimberley Lau!!

You're welcome, Sandra! I'm glad you're enjoying my posts. :)

Re 'PinIt', I have a circle called 'Bookmarks' with no members and when I want to keep a post to look at again I just share it with 'Bookmarks'

Robin, I used to do that, too, until I realized that every time I shared a bookmark to a circle it would show up in my main stream. It really bothered me. (And I don't think PinIt fixes this problem but there's a bug in Google+ that doesn't let you "see more" past 250 posts.)

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