News: 13 Firefox Add-Ons to Enhance Your Google+ Experience

13 Firefox Add-Ons to Enhance Your Google+ Experience

We've covered Chrome browser extensions that make your Google+ experience richer and more useful, but there are still many users who prefer to use Firefox. To that end, I've gathered 13 Firefox add-ons to aid in the enhancement of your Google+ experience.

A word of caution: many of the Firefox add-ons are newer than the Chrome versions, so they've been downloaded fewer times, and reviewed less. Try them out, and if you have issues with any of them, make sure to provide feedback to the creator so they can fix any bugs or glitches (and please comment below, for the benefit of our readers).

Manage Your Google+

These add-ons help with the practical side of Google+. They add functionality to your Google+ experience, and provide you with more control, so you don't have to see anything that irks you.

  • gplusmute - If you're annoyed by the constant noise in your stream, this one's for you. This extension lets you mute messages in your Google+ stream.
  • Start Google Plus - This is the Firefox version of the original excellent Chrome extension. You can do a lot with this one, including putting your Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google+ stream, posting directly to Facebook and Twitter, and check your Gmail with a notifier so you don't have to keep a separate tab for email open. Created by +Zane Claes.
  • Google+Manager - This add-on provides additional functions to Google+, including more keyboard shortcuts, a "translate" button next to posts, and the ability to share posts on other social networks. 
  • Google Plus Search - There's still no search in Google+ itself, so this add-on can come in pretty handy. Search for anything public in Google+. 
  • Google Plus Profile Search - Searching for someone's profile? This add-on lets you easily find people on Google+.
  • Google Plus Notification Hider - Annoyed by that little red notification box? Hide it!

Incorporate Other Social Networks into Google+

These add-ons enable your social networking addictions by letting you add Facebook and Twitter into your Google+ stream, and allowing you to post from your Google+ stream to your other networks. 

  • Google+Facebook - Can't let go of Facebook? Just add it to your Google+ stream. Created by +Bruno Barbieri.
  • Google+Tweet - Or are you still addicted to Twitter? This one brings Twitter to your Google+ stream. Created by+Bruno Barbieri.
  • G++ - Adds both Facebook and Twitter streams inside your Google+ stream with full functionality. You can see incoming news items, Like, and tweet or reply to comments from inside Google+.

+1 Button

These add-ons make the +1 button even more convenient. Whenever you see something you like while you're browsing, all you have to do is click an icon in your navigation bar. It's useful because not every site incorporates the +1 button just yet.

  • Plus One Button - This +1 button stays out of the way until you need it. It's a simple icon in your URL bar that lets you +1 any page you're on. 
  • Plus One Any - Another add-on that adds the +1 button to your address bar.
  • I REC - This add-on lets you simultaneously +1 something for Google+ and Like it for Facebook. 
  • Google +1 - This add-on places the +1 button on the navigation bar and provides easy access for clicking.

Have I missed any good Google+ Firefox add-ons? Please comment below.

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Links to SGplus and GPlusmute are dead they no longer work

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