News: Google+ Finally Improves Comments

Google+ Finally Improves Comments

One of the biggest complaints people had about Google+ was comments on popular people's posts taking over their streams. Today Google addresses those issues by rolling out the ability to collapse and expand comments. +Jonathan Terleski explains the simplicity of the function - click once to expand, click again to collapse.

Check out how the collapsed comments work in the screenshots below. It's as simple as clicking an arrow.

(1) Comments are collapsed. Just click the arrow on the top right to see the rest of the comments. (2) Expanded comments. Click the arrow to the right to collapse the comments again. (3) The collapse comments arrow is also at the bottom when you have them expanded. Once you're done reading, just click on the arrow to close up the comments.

If you still don't like the way Google+ handles comment-collapsing, try out +Huy Zing's excellent Google+ Chrome extension, G+me. This extension uses a slightly different method of managing comments. You can do a "list" view, collapse posts in addition to comments, mark comments as you read, and do a mouse-over instant preview. 

Which method of handling comments do you prefer?

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I found that I had to disable G+me... I was not able to open and see comments at all, after this upgrade.

Hey Sandra! In this post,, the creator Huy Zing mentions that he's updating G+Me to work with the new collapsible comments. You'll be able to choose whether to use Google's way of expanding comments, or the G+Me style. Just be a little patient!

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