The Social Network Wars: Google+ vs Facebook

Google+ vs Facebook

This infographic from SingleGrain aptly and succinctly describes the primary differences between Facebook and Google+. Which social network will reign supreme?

There are some great stats here. Facebook started out as an exclusive social network at elite universities, so it would be interesting to see a breakdown of the top occupations of their initial userbase. Google+ started out at, well, Google, so the majority of their users are in tech-related fields. The privacy controls for both social networks are the most fascinating. Facebook has some privacy controls, but they're difficult to maneuver, whereas Google+ makes privacy a priority in their interface.

Tell me what you think. Can Facebook retain its staying power as Google+ catches up in membership? Will Facebook gamers stay put instead of moving on to Google+ games, when it arrives? Whose privacy tools function better?

The Social Network Wars: Google+ vs Facebook

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Gus will need to grow it's user base quickly and get some decent entertainment options up quickly, or current users are going to get bored pretty quickly!

Laura, what sort of entertainment options would you like to see Google+ offer?

If you want entertainment just keep using Facebook. XD

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