News: Top 13 Google Insiders to Follow on Google+

Top 13 Google Insiders to Follow on Google+

As Google+ is still in its Limited Field Trial phase, joining can feel quite lonely. You can't exactly get all your friends and family in during the brief periods when the invitation system opens up. You can, however, add several interesting people to your "Following" Circle to keep up with developments as they happen.

Here is a good list to get you started.

Google+ & Google Team Members

These are the men & women behind Google+. They are your best source for interesting pro-tips and updates as new features roll out to Google+. All of them are accessible, and some have even been known to respond to comments and questions in real-time. Just keep an eye open for the public Hangouts they start. They tend to fill up quick!

The Digerati

The men & women behind your favorite websites. They tend to break stories about tech innovations and influences on the web before it hits the blogs. Many of them have been starting interesting discussions on Google+ about what it means, how it'll work out of beta, and how real users can get the most out of Google+ in their lives.

Add to The List

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