News: Getting to Know Google's Community Managers

Getting to Know Google's Community Managers

So you've added Google insiders, celebrities, and authors to your circles, but you want to know who you can reach out to for help when it comes to Google overall. Luckily for you, there seems to be a Community Manager for almost every Google product. If you've got an issue with your Google Account, just contact them via their Google+ profile!

With help from Google+ Community Manager +Natalie Villalobos, here's a list of all of Google's Community Managers. 

Google+ Community Managers

Google Chrome Community Managers

Google Mobile Community Managers

  • +Paul Wilcox - Community Manager for Mobile - is an Irish ceili and social ballroom dancer.
  • +Evan Steinberg - Community Manager for Mobile - is a Michigan Wolverine.

Google Products Community Managers

And of course, let's not forget +Lasse Wassermann, Community Management Lead and +Toshen Golias - Support and Development for Google Discussion Forum!

Have I missed anyone? Tell us in the comments or in our forum!

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help igot this for blog :

Your profile is currently under review to make sure it is in compliance with the Google+ Names Policy and User Content and Conduct Policy. Reviews are typically completed within a few days.

i do not understand why whenver i try to get to my google profile or sign on to google+ this is the message i get Your profile is currently suspended

Until your profile is unsuspended, you will be unable to use this feature

My G+ profile is suspended by google. my all profile information are REAL. Nothing is fake in profile. I already Send my photo id to G+ but still its suspended.

why ?
what should I do to recover my a/c...

Same here.

My Google+ profile is suspended by google. I have submitted my photo id to G+ and the details of mine are real. I didnt get any confirmations from google. I am facing this isuue from last 2 years. I have lodged complaints many time but still its suspended.

Also I am uable to upload my own pic in gmail which again says the google plus account is suspended.
Kindly please get back my profile ASAP.

Someone please help me from google +. Last year you suspended my profile when I somehow signed up for google + by mistake. I can't do anything with my account. I just want to access my own account and make good comments on YouTube videos. This has been months and I still can't access anything. I change my nickname to my real name but haven't heard from anyone. Now for months I can't even edit my own frickin profile and I am so fed up !!! Please contact me at and pleased remove the stupid suspension!!

Last Friday, May 16, I was notified that my Google+ account had been suspended. I have no idea why. Given that I hadn't had any problems with Google+ up to that point, I removed all the posts from May 16 (posts were about new romance books coming out - I'm a romance author), guessing the posts (for whatever reason) might be the problem. I emailed Google three times stating that I removed the posts from May 16 (that's the only thing I could think of that they objected to - why, I still have no idea since the posts were similar to what I've always run). I've not heard back from them as yet. Is this common that they never get back to you, never tell you what the problem is, never try to help you to fix it? Please contact me at and let me know what's going on and if I can fix it. .

I also experienced the same thing, my G + account is suspended,
What to do to get back my account?

my google plus was suspended not telling me any reasons first a two a 2 week suspended then 2 week of usaged then back to suspended and I sent my picture as well to googe I want my google plus back


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