How To: Deal with Waiting for a Google+ Feature

Deal with Waiting for a Google+ Feature

Google+ is the greatest social network to emerge since Facebook annoyed everyone into joining, but that doesn't necessarily mean that our relationship with it is all rosy. Although Google+ has amazing innovations, like hangouts and circles, users are spending a lot of time begging for core features that take what seems to be an eternity to emerge. 

We know the drill: we complain that Google+ doesn't have this, or that, and the response is the same. Google+ is still in beta. Google+ hasn't even been available for that long. Send feedback!

How to Deal With the Features Google+ Doesn't Have

We all know that the Google+ of today is not going to be the same as the Google+ of three months from now. +Bradley Horowitz and +Vic Gundotra have told us as much, and said that their strategy for Google+ would be much more apparent in the months to come. In the meantime, you can deal with the current shortcomings of Google+ in a few ways.

Step 1 Use Google Chrome extensions in the interim.

I've covered Google Chrome extensions a lot in this world, and they are great for dealing with all the stuff that Google+ doesn't currently do well. Google+ doesn't currently have great management tools for dealing with your circles or your stream, and there's no clear way to cross-post to your different social network streams like Twitter or Facebook. Google Chrome extensions let you do that. If you don't use the Google Chrome browser, try these Firefox add-ons


  • You'll have to decide whether you trust the author of the extensions and add-ons you use. All extensions require certain permissions from you, and they may be able to track your browsing habits as a result of using the extensions. As with all things on the Internet, proceed with caution.

Step 2 Send feedback about Google+ to Google+.

If you never tell Google+ what you want changed, how will they know what you find dissatisfactory? There are a few ways to provide feedback to Google+. The first, and most obvious way, is to hit the Send feedback button on the bottom right of your Google+ page. 

Make sure to be as specific as possible when sending your feedback. Highlight any areas you feel could use improvement, and describe the problem in as much detail as you can. 

You can also vote on features you want to see in Google+ in Google Moderator in this forum. Vote and ask for the features you really care about in Google+. 

Step 3 Write a Google+ post and tag the Google+ people you want to address it.

If it's really important to you, write a public post on Google+, detailing the feature you want to see, and explain why you think it's essential to Google+. Tag the Google+ community managers such as +Natalie Villallobos, or +Brian Rose. They've iterated multiple times that they listen to all feedback, even if they can't respond to it personally.


  • Don't be abusive. You know that saying, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar"? It's true here. If you are insulting or rude, there's no reason to listen to you, and you'll probably get blocked, in which case your feedback is ignored.

Step 4 Follow the official Google+ pages to get the latest updates.

Now that Google+ pages are officially here, it actually took one item off my wishlist: having to follow too many Googlers in order to keep up with the latest updates. If you, too, want to keep up with the newest Google+ developments, add the following Google+ pages to your circles:

Step 5 Wait.

Patience isn't a virtue of people who use the Internet, and it's especially true when it comes to people who use Google+. But after you've done everything above, there's really not much more to do except wait. 


  • Once the feature you want does arrive, there's going to be a moment of euphoria that it's finally here! After that moment passes, you're going to realize that it hasn't been implemented perfectly, like the way you thought it would be. Just go through the above steps again.

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