News: Top 104 Amazing Photographers to Circle on Google+

Top 104 Amazing Photographers to Circle on Google+

We've provided Google insiders, Google's community managersauthors, and celebrities for you to add to your circles. This week, we've discovered over 100 brilliant photographers for you to follow.

Google+ is a great showcase for professional photographers. With in-house editing tools like Picnik, and beautiful ways to display your work, photographers can really shine. 

104 Amazing Photographers

  1. +Alan Shapiro
  2. +Alex Koloskov 
  3. +Alexander S. Kunz 
  4. +Alexandre Buisse 
  5. +Alfie Goodrich
  6. +Alfred Plyer Photography
  7. +Andrea Acailawen
  8. +Beau Kahler
  9. +Bjorn van Sinttruije 
  10. +Brian Matiash
  11. +Carl Stovell
  12. +Cassius Wright
  13. +Chris Collacott
  14. +Chris Marquardt
  15. +Christian Anderson
  16. +Christopher Jay
  17. +Christopher Michel
  18. +Colby Brown 
  19. +Damien Franco
  20. +Dave Beckerman 
  21. +Dan Carr
  22. +Dave Cox
  23. +Dave Powell
  24. +Dariusz Majgier
  25. +dominique palombieri 
  26. +Eric Kim
  27. +Eric Leslie
  28. +Erly Bahsan
  29. +Felipe Apostol
  30. +FFrame
  31. +Frank Doorhof
  32. +G Dan Mitchell
  33. +Gary Austin
  34. +Gary Crabbe
  35. +Giulio Bassi
  36. +Giuseppe Basile
  37. +Greg Schmigel
  38. +Guido Steenkamp
  39. +Heimo Wenzel 
  40. +helen sotiriadis 
  41. +Jacek Smoter
  42. +Jan H. Andersen
  43. +Jao van de Lagemaat
  44. +Jarek Klimek - Editor in Chief and Co-founder of 1150 Pixel Photography Magazine
  45. +Jesse Pafundi 
  46. +Jim Goldstein
  47. +Joe Azure
  48. +Johannes Kick
  49. +John Powell EFIAP DPAGB
  50. +Joshua Powell
  51. +Kieran O'Connor Photography 
  52. +Kjetil Greger Pedersen
  53. +Klaus Herrmann
  54. +Kyle Marquardt
  55. +Leanne Staples 
  56. +Lotus Carroll 
  57. +Mark Stagi 
  58. +Matt Weber 
  59. +Miami Tom 
  60. +Michael Russell
  61. +Michiel de Lange Photography
  62. +Mihailo Radicevic
  63. +Mike Olbinski 
  64. +Mike Shaw Photography
  65. +Nate Zeman Photography
  66. +Neal Urban
  67. +Nichole McCall
  68. +Nicole S. Young
  69. +Patrick Di Fruscia
  70. +Patrick Smith
  71. +Paul R. Giunta
  72. +Pierrick Blons
  73. +QT Luong
  74. +Rick Sammon
  75. +Ricky L. Jones Photography
  76. +Rob Daugherty
  77. +Robbie Schmelzer
  78. +Robert Larson
  79. +Roland Vogt
  80. +Romain Guy
  81. +Roman Tripler 
  82. +Ron Niebrugge 
  83. +Sarit Photography
  84. +Sathish Jothikumar
  85. +Saurabh Deoras 
  86. +Scott Jarvie
  87. +Seung Kye Lee
  88. +Shane Srogi
  89. +Star Rush
  90. +Stephen Ingraham
  91. +Steve Febbraro  
  92. +Takahiro Yamamoto
  93. +Terje Sørgjerd
  94. +Terry Nelson
  95. +Thom Hogan
  96. +Thomas Hawk
  97. +Thomas Leuthard
  98. +Tony Eccles
  99. +Tony Sharp 
  100. +Trey Ratcliff - Google+ superstar with over 45,000 followers
  101. +Trond Lindholm
  102. +Varina Patel
  103. +Victor Bezrukov
  104. +Vivienne Gucwa
  105. +William Burrard-Lucas 

Photo Website Founders

Google+ Photos/Picnik 


  • If you're looking for even more photographers to add to your circles, try searching in profiles for "photography" or "photographer". Many professional photographers add these words to their Google+ profile names.

Suggestions From Commenters

Thanks guys, for all your suggestions! I've been checking them out, and I've decided to include them in this section. If you've got more worthy photographers, or other suggestions for my other lists, such as celebrities, authors, Google insiders, or community managers that I've missed, please feel free to let me know!

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Photo by DraconianRain


Richard Arran should be on your list.

You Should add Daniel A. Norman

Michael Riffle should absolutely be on this list.

Also, Jim Patterson should be on the list.

thanks guys! keep the suggestions coming - i'll add them to the list.

Check out Daniel Schwabe

I think you should add Marco Secchi and Guillem Lopes they are a must in my view!

Dina, are they on Google+? I was not able to find them.

I found some great photographers on your list, some very average photographers, some whose photographic abilities I can't assess because they have posted very few images and one guy who hasn't posted anything since July 13. In short, a very odd collection of names.

So how did you go about compiling the list? What were your criteria? How did you come up with these names?

Olli, I used several methods to compile the list. I tried sticking with mostly professional photographers and included amateurs I thought were actually pretty good. If they didn't have a lot of updates they generally came with high recommendations from other photographers and hopefully they'll start posting more soon!

I would like to see more women on the list. 8 out of 104? Come on now. Check out Neesa Butterberry, Andrea Lohmann, Lara Wechsler, Tamara Pruessner, Ange Fitzgerald, Danielle Tunstall, to start.

Rory, you're definitely right in that I missed a lot of women. In my research I honestly didn't come across that many. I'll definitely be checking out your recommendations.

I'm more comfortable being humble, but according to your method used, you could probably add me on to the female list, seeing as there's not that many. I don't have a recognizable name yet by any means, but I do often get paid for my work. Thanks for your time in making this list and responding to comments!

A true surprise. Thanks for adding me.

shud hav added manny librodo too

mimi - is he on google+? i can't find him.

You should add Rory Amber Thompson. From what I've seen of her work she is a great portrait photographer.

Andrea, Rory's been added to the list as well after I checked out her work. Agreed her work is great. Do you have suggestions for other artists to add?

I wish I had suggestions for more photographers but right now I'm having way too much fun
getting the hang of G+ and meeting new people. Maybe down the road I will have some.

Check out +Chaim Frank, I think he would be a nice addition to the list

You need to add David duChemin.

you can also add Malcolm Fackender (Spotlight on Asia)

Professional Photog here :) Please add "Al Ebnereza" and "Laura Ferreira" (she is phenomenal!)
Thanks for the list, this is great!

Love your lists. I would really love to see a list of art directors or photo editors though, I think that would be an incredibly valuable linkage with photographers. But I wonder if ADs and PEs really want to connect with photographers on SM as the numbers could be intimidating if they do not have some SM skills to deal with the numbers.

Great list! I've recently added a Google
+ page for my nature & night photography at Guy Tal, Jack Brauer, and Erik Stensland are a few others I'd recommend.


Grant Collier

I really think Paul Pichugin should be on your list! ( he does amazing work!

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