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Phá Thai B?Ng Thu?C: Quy Trình an Toàn, Không dau

Phá thai b?ng thu?c là m?t trong các phuong pháp phá thai n?i khoa, s? d?ng thu?c phá thai kh?n c?p d? dình ch? quá trình thai nghén m?t cách t? nhiên, không c?n ph?u thu?t, thu?ng du?c g?i là gây s?y thai. Nh?m giúp ch? em hi?u rõ hon v? phuong pháp phá thai b?ng thu?c. Bài vi?t sau dây s? chia s? v?i ch? em quy trình quá thai b?ng thu?c, cung nhu dánh giá m?c d? an toàn c?a phuong pháp này và nh?ng l?i khuyên h?u ích cho ch? em.

Forum Thread: Facebook questions

Facebook just told me that my account security is "low" because I didn't give Facebook my mobile phone number. Yesterday the account security was "medium" with the same settings. Is it necessary for me to give Facebook my phone number, which I really really don't want to do?

Forum Thread: Circles taking over my stream!

Hi everyone, I was wondering: is there a way to show my stream with all-but-one circle? I have one circle that I love reading, because it is full of great news articles and web updates, but it has taken over my stream. When a friend or colleague makes a post, it is quickly buried by all of my other stream. I would really like a way to view my stream with all of my circles except my news one, without having to mute the news articles.

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