Forum Thread: Who to Follow (or "Circle") on Google+

So you finally made it into the Google+ Limited Field Trial and have been working on getting all your Facebook friends imported. Who should you follow now?

Lets use this thread to share lists of top names to follow for various industries / interests.

Feel free to pimp your own G+ profile along with others, so long as you're constantly sharing great stuff for your field of interest. Please only promote people with truly interesting streams... No relentless self-promoters ;)

I'll start things off with the following "Must-Circle" groups:

Noteworthy Google+ Team Members
These people tend to share interesting pro-tips updates as new features roll-out to Google+.

Big Names in Tech
Influencers on the modern web.

It would be great if you all could add new categories to this thread to help us form the most fascinating Circle Streams on the web. I'm interested in seeing your suggestions for Photographers, Artists, Musicians, Game Creators, etc.

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I suggest adding +Dmitry Shapiro , one of the brains behind MySpace, and Social Network Pioneer.

Glenn, thanks for the suggestion! Can I ask you, when you make suggestions for adding people, to link directly to their Google+ profile? For example, +Dmitry Shapiro. It helps us find these people more easily.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Great List! I run a small time web, social media, mobile app, and game building startup. Follow me! +Bryan Bamford

Hi would love to be a part of G+ but my invite hasn't arrived;(

-I found it this far and would really appreciate a hand up.Be glad to follow any one who helps-love 'n' hugz-x

+crystal murphy   -glad to say hi

I would suggest Frances Haugen, the Google+ Profile Product Manager who has so far announced crucial updates, i.e. the ability to hide the gender of the user. 

Christopher, definitely a great suggestion!

I'm sending a lot of my newbie friends here now.. It's low on suggestions but I think that's because apart from 10,000,000 techies there's not much goin on yet.

Thanks Frank! Is that your site?

?+Bud Hoffman -Hell of a nice guy;)

Can you please add links to their Google+ profiles? We want to make sure we're circling the right people. Thanks!

I'm building a website to help you find people to add to your circles based on your interests. Hope it can help you fill out your circles a bit more! I'll be sure to add all of the people listed here to the site in the next few days, too.

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for letting us know! Have you got the website set up yet? Be sure to tell us where it is.

Great list... I am starting to use and experimenting with Google+.  So far overall, I like it.  Your list helps me connect with mentors and leaderships all over the planet.  Kudos to you and thanks for sharing.

you're welcome! let me know what other lists you'd like to see.

I suggest adding +Missy Bailey , an actress on the rise. Missy is a volunteer pioneer, working with Veterans with PTSD as well as actively participating in the rescue and adoption placement of dogs to the press, as well as advocating the adoption of all pets that are living in shelters.

I have many more people i would like to add but am not sure how to accurately start the process, so i decided start with one person.

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