Forum Thread: What's on your wish list for Google Plus?

Google Plus is currently still in very private beta, so a lot of the kinks are still being worked out. Still, there are a lot of features that many of us would like to see that have not been implemented yet. What's at the top of your wish list for Google Plus?

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For me, it's killing me that I can't search for anything yet. Hello, Google is the creator of the best search engine ever, and they didn't think to include search with their social networking product??

They've just suspended twitter integration in real time search.

It's quite revealing, imho, ofwhat's coming next about search.

Btw I just hope they will still let us post on twitter directly from G+

Shareable calendars and task lists through the app itself would be a facebook killer. Charity organizers, concert planners, etc. could keep a master calendar to share with their network and I could add events of interest directly to my calendar from theirs.

I agree with the search functionality. One thing I would actually look foward to would be searching for pictures of events (tagged photo albums) so that I wouldn't have to go through each friend who attended an event individually to find all the pix. Also, search by a travel tag on photo albums or "wall posts" would help me seek out the best person to ask for advice before a trip.

Hi Beth, 

It looks like we can now add search functionality to Google+ via the Chrome browser: 

Via +Christian Nenneman:

1. Open URL: chrome://settings/searchEngines
2. Add new entry with following values:

(Search in posts)
- Column 1: Google+ Posts
- Column 2: post
- Column 3: {google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s

(Search for profiles)
- Column 1: Google+ Profiles
- Column 2: profile
- Column 3: {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&tbs=prfl:e

And I think you can add geotags to photos. But otherwise totally agree on the other items.

Beth hit on a good point, specifically about the calendar sharing. Is there a way to share my Google calendar within Google+?

Hi Douglas, currently there's no feature-sharing between Google calendar and Google+, although it is a popular requested feature. I'm pretty sure they're working on incorporating this into Google+ but I can't remember off the top of my head which Google person said they were doing it.

You can, in the meantime, share events with circles in Google+. Start by creating your event in Google Calendar, and publish it. Grab the event link and share the link as a Google+ status update with your selected circles. Make sure to remove the description and add your own so your contacts know what the event is for.

Hope that helps!

The more I use Google+, the longer my wish list gets:

  • Better circles functionality. 
  • Save As "drafts".
  • The ability to schedule posts.
  • The ability to add multi-media posts - for example, link to multiple sites/videos on one post.

FILTERS!  I sure would like to be able to filter posts... both filter in, and filter out!! For instance, I could filter out "check ins".  I don't need 'em cluttering up my stream, doesnt matter to me where people are having dinner!  

+1 on toastykitten's •The ability to add multi-media posts - for example, link to multiple sites/videos on one post.

Additionally, multi-media posts to comments.

I agree with Sandra on the filters, and on "check ins". Most of the people I'm following don't live near me, so I don't need to know where they're hanging out.

And I'd really like to be able to find people by interest. In the name field, you can type in stuff like "Photography", but it only brings up people who've added that to their name - for example, "Bob Smith Photography", not people who've mentioned it in their interests.

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