Forum Thread: mimicking a facebook group

what's the best way going about trying to mimic a facebook group [like this one].... I know streams is close but I'd like to have a access to all the photos posted at anytime

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jimmy, have you considered starting a World here on WHT? we might be able to provide what you need - check it out here

not really suitable as I reckon my screengrabs would be regarded as plagiarism, thanks anyway

Jimmy, you may want to take note that Facebook is planning on archiving your group:

Just curious - why do you do screengrabs instead of linking to the stories on your Facebook Wall?

I've seen a couple people post public request for people to share their profile URLs to be added to their circles, but as it stands right now, "Public Circles" do not exist.

I've been seeing a number of Googlers dropping hints that they've got big cool things in the pipeline for this.

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