It's Official: Games Arrive on Google+

Games Arrive on Google+

Today, +Vic Gundotra made it official and announced the launch of games within Google+. It's starting to roll out, and Google+ members will eventually see a link to the Games button at the top of their streams. 

It's Official: Games Arrive on Google+

From here, you can control your game experience within Google+. +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz both have emphasized that the game experience will not replicate the experience on Facebook. If you're not a gamer, then you can just ignore the game button, and use Google+ as usual. 

If you do like games, then you can see your recently played games, get game notifications and invites, and see game notifications from your circles. You can also see your most recent game accomplishments such as achievements and high scores. 

What games can you expect? There's a wide range of companies, from EA to PopCap to Zynga, represented in the initial launch. Many of the games focus on casual play, such as Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz, although there are also action adventure games like Wild Ones and Dragons of Atlantis. 

If you're a developer who wants to create games for Google+, you'll still have to wait. Luckily, the Google+ Platform blog also recently launched so you can eaisly stay on top of the latest developments.

Have you seen games roll out to your Google+ profile? If you've been able to play a few, tell us what you think about the experience.

Update: You can get to Google+ games here.

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I just saw the games tab for the first time. I love the way G+ has set it up! It doesn't get in the way of my stream, which was the worst part of Facebook for me. I can keep playing games without having to bother all of my friends and followers!

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